Gains & benefits

Women & Negotiating offers professional and managerial women the relevant knowledge, skills and practical experience to enable them to negotiate skilfully, confidently and successfully.

The Women & Negotiating approach enables you to negotiate your goals in a fashion tailored to your needs and talents. In addition, you negotiate in line with your values and your personal preferential style.

As a result you leave the negotiation table with a satisfied feeling about what you accomplished, the progress you made and the relationships you forged.

These are some of the results we guarantee:

  • Familiar with traditional negotiating tactics and skills.
  • Know your own internal reactions to power tactics.
  • Respond effectively to the reality of any negotiating situation.
  • Actively competent in serving your immediate interests and long-term goals.
  • Use an approach that is based on your own strength and talents.
  • Feel confident and at ease with the reality of organizational practices and with situations of (unequal) power.
  • Improve your position and take care of your interests in a manner consistent with your values.