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Dr Iris Dorreboom

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Dr Iris Dorreboom is the founder of Women & Work, a company dedicated to making professional women thrive, professionally and personally.

I’ve devoted 30+ years of my life as coach and adviser to professional women who want to make the most of their career and life.

Since 1989 I also worked as coach and consultant with the company I co-founded – Beyond.

We facilitate change processes. We work with (management or partnership) teams to help make their ambitious projects possible. We organise team retreats for (management) teams who need to trash out difficult issues in a short period of time.

Some other things about me:

Happily married for over 30 years, we live (and work) in the Netherlands and France.

I love to read and can get totally caught up in that. Luckily my husband shares this with me (as well as the books we read). We also both love walking and hiking (especially in the mountains), and having stimulating conversations around the kitchen table, with good food and good company.

Before I entered the business world, I worked and taught as an historian, and wrote a dissertation on how people react to change in society. That’s how I ended up in change consultancy…




Iris Dorreboom