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Courses and Masterclasses on successfully navigating your career and life.

  • Confident at Work. An online course for professional women who want to increase their influence, be self-assured and rewarded for their efforts.
  • Befriend your Inner Critic. An online course to take control of the emotional and psychological factors that hold you back unnecessarily.
  • Find your Voice and Make yourself Heard. A masterclass and online course on discovering your career story and make your presence felt.
  • Dealing with Difficult Conversations. An online course for professional women. Practical advice to tackle fear, handle conflicts, keep the relationship intact and get the results you need.
  • Women & Negotiating. An online course and a series of masterclasses on how to negotiate daily and difficult situations in your career and life as a professional woman.
  • Playing the Rules. An online course in playing the political game in a way that is effective, but also authentically you. Navigate career challenges and advance in your profession.

Masterclasses and webinars can also be ‘tailor-made’ for your women’s network.


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Women & Leadership,
Using Women’s Talents,
The Confidence Trap (YES, it says “Trap”, not “Gap”! 😀),
Women & Negotiating,
Gender Equality and how to achieve it

Also: On any subject that is relevant to professional women and how they can make the most of their career & life

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The online course for women who want to be confidently in control of their career & life.

This online program gives practical advice you can act on immediately.

Learn how to communicate confidently. Be seen and heard, and gain influence.

Easily navigate the hurdles of being (too) friendly and being (too) direct. Find the middle ground – while confidently using your authentic style.

Better negotiate the everyday interactions. Broaden your ability to handle different situations and difficult people.

Feel confident in your ability to get the results you want.

Less stress, more confidence, more natural (and accepted) authority.

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Contact me for more information: id @
✆+31 623 35 45 75


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Online Course

Confident at Work

The online course for professional women who want to be confidently in control of their career and life


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Coaching to make the most of your career & life

Coaching in a safe environment and practice for real time application. You gain:

  • clarity about what you want and need,
  • the confidence to act, and
  • the competence to get it done.

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