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Impact at Work

An online programme for professional women who want to be

  • more confident and in control at work
  • able to be assertive without being labelled ‘pushy’
  • heard and have impact
  • visible without feeling they are ‘bragging’
  • able to set and keep boundaries
  • less stressed

Let me guess…

You sometimes lack the confidence to say what you think and contribute.

You can doubt your ability to step up and be noticed. You say something in a meeting, and it does not seem to land. Someone else would say the same thing and be heard.

You feel stressed and overwhelmed because you take on too much responsibility, both at work and home. You know it isn’t possible to keep everybody happy, but you keep trying.

Confrontation can be difficult for you, even though you know you need that to get ahead. You become a people pleaser, despite knowing you’re not at your best that way.

You pressure yourself because you think you need to have all the answers.

It’s a challenge to get those high impact/high visibility projects. Not because you’re not capable of them, but because nobody seems to think of offering them to you. And you struggle in asking for them.

You would like to…

… have more certainty. Show who you are with confidence, to be yourself, make the most of your qualities, while fitting in with the role.

…communicate so that you are fully understood and credited with your ideas.

…get to a place where you are not feeling responsibility for everything – and do not have to jump into every minor crisis.

…feel calm and able to manage your time without feeling guilty for not doing enough.

…have successful conversations without worrying about what people will think.

…be able to manage expectations and the perception others have of you.

…do what you want and stand up for what you want and what you think is right, without feeling the need to ask for permission.


If you recognise any of this, then this online programme is for you!

Impact at work

Learn how to communicate effectively, how to be seen and heard, and gain influence

Easily navigate the hurdles of being (too) friendly and being (too) direct. Find the middle ground – while confidently using your authentic style

Better negotiate the everyday interactions and broaden your ability to handle different situations and difficult people

Feel competent in your ability to get the results you want


This online programme gives practical advice you can act on immediately.

Comfortably change behaviour that is holding you back unnecessarily.

Build on your strengths and develop a repertoire of effective new behaviours.

Discover how to be confident being you.

What does this give you?


Less stress, more confidence, and more natural (and accepted) authority and impact.


  • 1 intake call. This is a free call with no obligations, to discuss your wishes and needs and to ensure this is the right programme for you.
  • 5 online interactive group calls (90 minutes) on Zoom. The calls will be recorded and available for you to refer to in case you miss one, but also to revisit and refresh your understanding.
  • Easy to implement practical tips and tools to set you on the path to your goal.
  • 24/7 e-mail and chat support.
  • Private Slack community where you can share questions and challenges and get hands-on support.
  • A personal roadmap to continue your process with tips and feedback tailored specifically for you to use post-course.
  • A small group to benefit from working together with a group of like-minded women.

Price for the course: € 497,00 (or 5 times € 100,00)

What does the program look like?

Module 1

The confidence trap

What holds many professional women back and how you avoid the pitfalls.

Introduction to the course and to the other participants


Module 2

Stop what doesn’t work for you

Confidence sapping habits can be dismissed once you become aware of them.

Deal with Negative self-talk and your Inner critic

Cut off the habit of Overthinking

Perfectionism and procrastination: Stop striving for perfection

Feeling Responsible and managing time: Set healthy boundaries


Module 3

Being confident being you

Build your confidence so you better value your own contribution.

Resilience and managing emotions

Means to remain calm and use your time more effectively


Module 4

Start what does work for you

Find out what you could do more, or just a little different, to be more effective.

Negotiate everyday interactions better and broaden your repertoire for different situations and difficult people.

Discover what is most suitable and effective for you to do to get the results you want.


Module 5

Wrapping it all up and going forward with confidence

In this lesson, we further refine what is most suitable and effective for you to do and not do to get the result you need.

We make a roadmap to maintain your newfound habits and become increasingly comfortable with them. Remember: this is the last lesson, but the beginning of a longer journey. The goal is: be a better, more confident you at work, and get rewarded for it.

Price for the full program: € 497,00 (or 5 times € 100,00)

You may be thinking…


“Where would I find the time?”

Of course, time is at a premium. There will always be competing priorities – professional, and personal.

One of the programme’s goals is to give you more insight into how you can spend your time better and more profitably.

Investing a little time now, and using this time to take concrete actions, it will pay you back, for life.


“I don’t have the money.”

Women, in particular, often struggle to invest in themselves. One of the programme aims is to strengthen your sense of self-worth.

Investing in yourself now will benefit you, and those around you as well. With less stress, you will have more time to spend on the people and things that are important to you, or land that one project that will ensure your promotion…

Payment plans are available to program ambassadors—more details on request.


“What if it doesn’t work for me?”

If you genuinely believe that the program has not delivered to your expectations, you will get your money back. (With questions asked… I want to know how to do better next time!)


Your facilitator:

Dr Iris Dorreboom

More about her in the about section.

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